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vBulletin & SocialEngine 3.18+

vBulletin Integration Module 1.07 - This module allows you to integrate SocialEngine with the well-known and popular vBulletin forum engine in such a way that two different platforms will work as a single system.

By installing the vBulletin Integration Module 1.07, you will get the following advantages:
- Your users do not have to register twice to register accounts in both systems
- your users do not have to enter a login and password twice to log in to one system, and then to another
- If the user forgot his password, he has a single interface for its recovery
- If the administrator removes the user from the SocialEngine system, it is automatically deleted from vBulletin
- Your users will see the forum, as internal pages of SocialEngine, i.e. social network and forum will have a single navigation interface (header and footer)
- New messages from vBulletin forum are included in the activity feed SocialEngine
- This module will allow your users to use the forum interface familiar to everyone, thereby they will be grateful to you!
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