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Joomla! - Full Package 3.9.27

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Joomla is one of the most popular site management systems. It is suitable for almost any online resource. Everyone will be able to understand the Joomla because of its simplicity. But creating a site based on it so that the hosting is not overloaded - it is a more difficult task. The reason is Joomla's demanding server resources. If there are significant loads, the provider disables the portal. Therefore, it is important to choose the right hosting that will support and ensure the stable operation of CMS.

Joomla's general brief
Joomla's key advantage in creating sites is simple content management, free and operational support when any problems arise, open architecture. CMS has many different plug-ins and modules, both paid and free, which make it easier to develop the portal. You can see the most popular plug-ins and modules on this site here. In general, the system is developing rapidly thanks to the large number of users and developers who make the choice in favor of "Joomla". The huge advantage of the system is the ability to change the source code.

This is acceptable thanks to the distribution of CMS under the GNU GPL license. You can also distribute a system that has already been amended while retaining rights for users.

How to choose the right hosting for the site on Joomla?
Remember that for a really smart site on Joomla you need hosting. What is it? Hosting is a special place on the server where your site will be stored, where it can be found from anywhere in the world. You need to know how to choose this hosting.

First of all, you need to decide on the theme of the site, and then choose

hosting. Since, there may be some inconsistencies. Everything is known in comparison, so it is better to compare the chosen hosting with some other. In advance, you need to make sure that you are suitable for the chosen hosting, whether everything will work there, as you need and whether it will be possible to improve some functions.

Also, it is better to compare prices well, as often they can be inflated.

Don't forget to find out for details such as: online payment, domain name and so on. It would be very good to try hosting, so clarify whether there is a trial period at the hosting. Only after you have seen the work of the site, you can buy hosting. An important point is the technical support of your hosting provider, their work, speed of assignments, reviews, experience, whether they are certified, and so on.

In particular, for the competent selection of suitable hosting, you need to determine some

criteria. The main
ones are: 1. Determining the minimum parameters of hosting. It is best to use the official minimum requirements, https://downloads.joomla.org/technical-requirements, which Joomla offers to find out here, but you can calculate it yourself.

2. Check the compliance with the parameters that are offered by the tariff by a specific hosting, with the minimum set on the Joomla website.

3. Check the availability and health of hosting technical support for Joomla. In particular, you need to make sure whether operators are able to work with this platform, whether they will be able to help if something goes wrong.

4. Traffic. It depends on the specifics and planned attendance of the portal. The average site, which is visited by about a thousand people every day, requires at least 150 gigabytes of total monthly traffic.

5. Running scripts. For CMS Joomla, it's important that scripts run for 120 seconds.

These criteria should be enough to select a hosting provider to create a site on Joomla, which will arrange in all


Wanted hosting to create Joomla
Many different hostings are known. Everyone has pros and cons. If you're looking for hostings, you can choose your service by reviewing this site here. Before the selection you need to familiarize yourself with several options, compare the conditions and only then make your choice. We offer to check out several hosting providers, which
are considered to be among the most sought-after:

1. Hostinger. The key advantages are low price, a significant number of add-ons and features, a convenient interface, high performance, excellent round-the-clock support. Hosting pleasantly surprises its customers, guarantee reliable and fast work at a price of less than 100 rubles monthly. With such a provider it will be possible to create any site based on CMS Joomla,

2. Sprinthost. This hosting client can test up to pay. The test period is 2 weeks. Important advantages - affordable RU-domains, clear tariffs, round-the-clock support, different types of payment. This provider has not lost its leadership position for the last decade. It offers low prices, focus on responsibility, balance of business ideas, stability of work, as well as original, but the most comfortable design.

3. Jino. This provider offers one of the best ratios in terms of price and quality. The first 10 days of use are free as a test period. Regular customers are offered a profitable bonus system, and new - discounts for the first 12 months of use. On the website of the provider everything is convenient and understandably divided into blocks, so even complex information is perceived easily. The price is also pleasantly pleased - less than 40 rubles a year the cheapest tariff.

4. Fozzy. The hosting has a test period that promptly responds to requests technical support, a guarantee of a refund. There is unlimited traffic, automatic data backup (the schedule can be set Russian up manually.

5. SiteGroup. The provider has a data server all over the world. It is considered one of the top on the market, offering a wide range of features, including a fully dedicated server, cloud and virtual hosting. This is a suitable solution for a person from almost anywhere in the world to create sites that subsequently please performance. All information is served in a simple and accessible form, so all the pros are immediately visible to the naked eye.

6. Beget. The provider offers to test your product within 30 days. For the convenience of work, there is a prompt response service in telegrams, as well as automatic payment systems, thanks to which the money is debited each month on their own. But keep in mind that the interface may seem quite complex in the first place.

Be sure to consider the price range. Follow the proposed hosting functionality, as well as personal budget, choosing the average best option.

Frequently asked questions
There are a number of questions that arise for every second who is looking for hosting to create a site on Joomla. Highlights:
1. What are the hosting requirements for CMS Joomla?

There are no special requirements. MyS'L, PHP, and Apache/Nginx operate on any hosting site.

2. When installing Joomla on the server gives out an error, what to do?

You need to immediately write to the technical support of the chosen hosting. If it is an adequate provider, it will help to understand the problems, orients on further installation to avoid problems of CMS.

3. Are there any options to facilitate the process of creating pages on Joomla? There are different options, for example, you can read here popular and easy-to-use page designer.

It will simplify the development of a personal portal. Nowadays, one in two has their own website and it is no longer surprising. You don't need much knowledge or money to create your website. It is enough to even find the instructions yourself and it is possible that you will be able to create a site yourself, even though you will understand how it is done. Remember, to create a good site on CMS Joomla, you have to pay attention to all the little things, be very scrupulous and only then will you succeed at minimal cost. These tips 100% will help you choose what you need and later even earn on it.
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