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BBQ Pro – The Fastest WordPress Firewall Plugin

Nulled BBQ Pro – The Fastest WordPress Firewall Plugin 3.7.1

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BBQ Pro NULLED is a WordPress plugin, that helps keep your site safe and secure by detecting and blocking bad requests. This helps to conserve precious server resources like memory and bandwidth. BBQ Pro runs silently in the background, checking all incoming traffic and blocking any URI requests that contain nasty stuff like base64_, eval(, .exec(, and other malicious nonsense. More than 50,000 WordPress users trust the free version of BBQ to help secure their sites. BBQ Pro takes firewall security to the next level with advanced protection and fine-grained control over every detail.
Pugin advantages:

Block bad queries. BBQ Pro protects your site like a boss. It have strong firewall security, Plug-n-play functionality, no configuration required, fully customizable firewall, fast and flexible lightweight.

Super easy settings. Enjoy easy-to-use, powerful settings, such as quickly enable/disable rules, disable BBQ for logged-in users, block excessively long requests, redirect all blocked requests, display a custom message for visitors and set your own status code.

Complete inline docs. Get complete information with a simple click, such as documentation on every screen, easy to access from the Help tab, get complete infos, tips, and more.

BBQ statistics. With firewall security you can see hit counts for every pattern, measure your firewall’s success, fine-tune patterns and rules, dial in the perfect firewall, bar graph of all count data, supports advanced logging.

BBQ tools. You will have some cool features, as reset plugin settings, reset basic patterns, reset advanced patterns, reset custom patterns and reset plugin statistics.

Powered by 5g/6g. Advanced blacklist technology, powered by 5G, 6G blacklist and BBQ (free) advanced firewall protection, based on 15+ years of experience.

Customize everything. Fine-grained control over everything: fully customizable firewall, edit any pattern as desired, remove or disable any pattern, add your own custom patterns, whitelist specific IP addresses.

One-click pattern testing. You will be able to customize, test, and measure each pattern with a click, have links updated while typing and visualize blocked requests.

More features. If you`re buying BBQ Pro, you will be able to scan virtually everything: scans the request URI, scans the query string, scans the user agent, scans the IP address and scans the referrer. Also, your site will be protected silently, blocking SQL injection attacks, executable file uploads, directory traversal attacks and user-ID phishing.
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Latest updates

  1. 3.7.1 (2024/03/23)

    * Adds support for multiple alert addresses * Adds filter hook, `bbq_alert_headers` * Improves...