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Feb 27, 2020
'Group Buy' RULES:

* Moderators/Admins/Nulled Time Staff will not step in to mediate buys gone bad. BE CAREFUL WHEN BUYING/SELLING ON THIS FORUM! We accept no liability and will provide no services to buyers or sellers short of providing a forum for organizing group buys. We highly encourage buyers and sellers to reference their own feedback ratings (heatware, ebay, etc), and we highly encourage users to refrain from joining buys organized by anyone but senior members with a proven track record of organizing large group buys. CAVEAT EMPTOR: WE ACCEPT NO LIABILITY FOR LOSSES RELATED TO OR RESULTING FROM POSTING IN THIS FORUM OR FOR ANY TRANSACTION RESULTING FROM A POSTING IN THIS FORUM.

* All group buy sales must be completed within 90 days of original posting date, unless longer time frame is clearly indicated before the group buy starts in the original post

* All group buy sales must list in details the pricing structure of the item being sold, including tiered pricing if the rate drops as more people participate in the group buy

* Stay on topic. This is not a Sound-off Board for your views of life, politics, or the like. It is not to be used to burn Dealers or that you've been ripped off. PERIOD!

* Thread-crapping: If you aren't interested in joining a group buy, STAY OUT OF THE GROUP BUY THREAD. This goes doubly so if you disagree with the way the buy is being run, the product being purchased, or have any other complaint not relevant to buying into the group buy. Repeat offenders put themselves in danger of moderator action.

* No linking to competitive sites

* No profanity or likeness thereof.

* English... What you are typing must make sense, be readable and coherent. No internet speak or unintelligent text.
Not open for further replies.